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Get your MBBS admission letter before making any payment, Just Apply.

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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

The fact that we, CAREER AND I, enjoy years of relevant experience pertaining to the medical educational domain stands as one of the reasons that you will face no difficulty in getting admission in the best medical colleges in different countries that includes Ukraine, China, Philippines, Russia, Germany, among others. You will be encouraged in coming to terms with the fact that we, CAREER AND I, have been able to offer you with different types of services as highlighted below: Best Service Commitment Availability of Quality Education Personalized Approach


Register & get benefited

  • Lowest tuition fee.
  • Government University.
  • Free of cost seat booking.
  • Get your admission letter from the University, free of cost.
  • Avail Education loan easily.
  • We will help you to get your Passport.
  • Get your medical career path till you become a doctor.


Steps to follow

CAREER AND I helps you select the best course, get you access to the best study abroad experts and guide you step by step through the entire process.

1. Courses and universities selection.

2. Application Preparation & submissions.

3. Offer Acceptance from the University

4. Visa Counseling and application processing assistance

5. Guidance on statement of purpose

6. Pre Departure orientation


Choose the smart way to become a doctor

A doctor is a very noble profession and every student who wants to become a doctor applies to various Medical Entrance Examination like NEET to get a seat in Indian medical colleges, but in spite of continuous effort and hard work many aspirants fail to achieve their goal and can’t make it and search for options in neighboring countries like the Philippines, China, Nepal or Bangladesh. MBBS in Nepal is also not a very cost-effective solution because the cost of studying in these countries costs not below 50 lakhs in total. If any parent anyhow manages to pay such huge amount, MCI screening test is still applicable to such students hence paying such a huge amount does not make sense.

Hence we bring the smart way of becoming doctor and pursuing MBBS in abroad universities which is cost effective as well as approved by the Medical Council of India and the WorldHealth Organisation. Please feel free to consult with our counselors about your study destination.


Steps to take admission abroad

1. Submit your class 10th and 12th certificate and mark sheet photocopy through email and also one scanned picture with registration amount. STEP

2. If you don’t have a passport with you then you certainly should apply at www.passportindia.gov.in and follow the steps. You can get your passport within 30-40 days at normal application. STEP 

3. You will receive your scanned admission letter within 10 days, original will take 20 days time. STEP 

4. Once you receive your passport, submit the front (the photo side) and back (the address side) side of the passport by scanning. STEP 

5. Once the passport is received, it is applied to the University which sends Invitation letter in 30-40 days of time, it takes this much time because of verification process with Indian Embassy and other country Embassy where you take admission. STEP 

6. The University then sends the Invitation letter through courier which then submitted to the Embassy in India, the application is reviewed and embassy stamps the visa within 7 days. The embassy can ask for interview call only if they want to ask some question based on the profile which is very rare. 

7. On the basis of the visa stamped, the air tickets are booked for the country.

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