kanku vijay college of education

The Institution Kanku Vijay college of education is an acclaimed citadel of learning in the city of Pali. The institution today commands an unparalleled prestige in the academic community. Right from her inception, the Arts and Science College has earned a renown for discipline and academic eminence. Utmost care is taken to impart quality education. In addition, the college gives paramount importance to character formation and holistic development of the students. The diligence and enthusiasm evinced by the academic fraternity of the college help the students realize their aspirations. The enormous number of students who pass through the portals of this institution adorn numerous meritorious positions in life and this testifies to the unique distinction the institution has sculpted out for herself. Life at kanku vijay college of  education is a rewarding experience for the student community. The bustling and vibrant campus is consonant for extracting the quiescent academic, artistic, cultural, literary and creative talents of the students. We groom a community of luminaries for a future firmament. The campus has students from all sections of the society and it is focused on meeting their diverse needs. The core values upheld by us are honesty, moral righteousness, compassion for the fellow beings, faith in the Supreme and above all, a relentless pursuit of academic excellence through dedication and hard work. Learning, sharing and caring are our watchwords. The college aims at the creation of a community of students empowered and equipped with knowledge, skills and values, who would contribute effectively to nation building. We groom young men and women to make them capable of becoming agents or transformation and progress at different walks of life. Presently,  Our various add-on and continuing education programmes give our students adequate exposure to different disciplines and enhance employability. Social Service/Extension activity clubs conduct a wide range of activities every year which are aimed at nurturing the latent talents of students and making then socially responsible citizens. The institution follows several special practices such as bridge courses and remedial courses to take care of both weak and bright students. Prime importance is given to activities such as peer teaching, group learning, project preparation, seminars and industrial visits to enhance the skills of students at multifarious levels. The institution strictly adheres to the principle of equity and inclusiveness, particularly in taking care of girl students and socially disadvantaged sections of the society. Today, there are few peers to kanku vijay college of  education, whether it is student discipline or academic excellence. Moreover, the college is proud to be a beacon of hope for the deserving yet socially and economically challenged students.