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Welcome to

Kanku Vijay College of Education

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Kanku Vijay College of Education is an acclaimed citadel of learning in the city of Pali. The institution today commands an unparalleled prestige in the academic community. Right from her inception, the Arts and Science College has earned a renown for discipline and academic eminence. Utmost care is taken to impart quality education. In addition, the college gives paramount importance to character formation and holistic development of the students.

Our Vision & Mission


The vision of Kanku Vijay College of education is to achieve supreme excellence in academic and nonacademic areas, without compromising on institutional responsibilities to the society as a whole, in particular to the socially and economically disadvantaged sections, with special reference to the region in which the college is located.


It will strive continuously to provide an environment for the finest teaching and the finest research in the country and try to evolve into an intellectual and cultural nest for students of diverse ethnic, social, religious and linguistic backgrounds, especially the marginalized sections of the society such as the Muslims and the Dali-ts.

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